F Sq No Belt

185×2,205×2,215×2,225x5x1 EMOM


4/27 Becoming an animal

Late night session today since I couldn’t work from home. Got the whole thing done in an hour. The goal heading in was to do ~15 reps of both the Sn and PCnJ to build some consistency…since that’s what I’ve been lacking lately. The first 10 reps of Sn felt good but moving up in weight seemed to throw off my confidence. Oh well. I will say the PCn’s I hit with more anger. I could feel the bar whipping into place in the rack. Even to the point where it was surprising me. The workout itself was good practice…and I need to learn how to unleash that animal in the Snatch.

Sn (all EMOM)

145x1x5, 155x1x5, 165x1x5 (made first 10, then 2 for 5 @165. Percentages were approx. 76/81/87%

PCn+FS+Jk (EMOM-ish)

Worked up to 205x1x3 (actually did an extra PCnJ; All reps made)

The following was 5 supersets, done with little to no rest

Mixed grip hang 30s [mobility]

Tempo Chin-up x 3

One Rack lunges (10 steps/leg w/ 25#) [core]

Bent over delt flies (12# x 12 reps) [mobility]