LEANing Challege (AKA Killing the Fat Bastard)

I was in a state of shock after my BODPOD body fat measurement. The readout was just south of 25%. While I knew I had some excess adipose love, I would never have guessed it to be that high…overweight, clinically speaking.

Ain't Mad

The original Bod Pod.

The body fat measurement was to kick of the semi-annual Seattle CrossFit™ Leaning Challenge. This is a 7-week Paleo based leaning challenge, where winners will be selected based on body fat lost. There area a lot of great things that have come out of Seattle CrossFit™ (aka Level 4). I’ll go as far as to say the Paleo™ movement, with regards to the fanatical CF community, was birthed here.

My primary goal is to test various fat loss protocols that I have learned in the past 4 years and bear down to actually win this damn thing. Here is a brief overview:

  1. The lynch pin with losing weight or losing fat is diet. For this effort, I will be using a slightly modified Carb Back Loading (CBL) protocol. I say modified, but the only thing I’m not doing is the 10 day ramp up and I’m going to try to keep the carbs somewhat primal friendly (to keep in the spirit of the competition). The 10 day ramp up will be replaced with something closer to 3 or 4 days, with glycogen depleting CF style workouts. I’m a huge Kiefer fan and I can’t think of a better way to drop actual fat while maintaining some semblance of sanity.
  2. I will also be using HITT protocols which studies have shown to work. Nothing insane like CF, but short intervals of work, followed by short rest periods. This will supplement my 3 day Olympic lifting program.
  3. I will try cold thermogenesis. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to try anyway, why not now?
  4. I will attempt to limit alcohol. Definitely on days when I lift, as I need all the deep sleep anabolic help I can get. And on days I don’t lift, I will limit it to a few hours before I go to sleep. I see the biggest issue with alcholo is the disrupted recovery during sleep.

We’ll see how it goes….