Dan John Was Right

Dan John Was Right

Dan John was right.

I woke up today and my left forearm was screaming. I’ve had elbow tendonitis in the past, so I know a bout of bench pressing, heavy dips and forearm work will bring the pain. But I didn’t really do any of that. Two days ago I did a suitcase carry while walking the dogs. I was trying to mix it up, so I didn’t go heavy as I normally do at the gym. Just one 35lb KB in on hand, walk around 500 yards or so, switch hands and return. It didn’t feel like much…at the time. But today my forearm is telling me otherwise. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together sooner…I had been applying the same methodology to my squats while attempting Dan John’s squat protocol laid out in Mass Made Simple. Higher volume…keep the weight light. Survive to squat another day (oh, most importantly, move on after 6 weeks!). I dreaded the volume, but always felt better in the days that followed. It was, in his words, an elixir. That protocol functioned as both variety and it lightened the load on my back. The legs responded by adapting. I managed 22 squats at body weight, well short of the 50 mark…but I finally understood.

So today, my forearms are reminding me they have much room to adapt. They are reminding me to change things up from time to time. They are reminding me to respect the lighter bells as well!