11/22 – 50 and counting

I believe today marks 50 consecutive days squatting. I’ll have to check the books on that. More pyramid building today.

Worked up to a 170 snatch. Focused more on pulling under on the third pull with some power position snatches at 75 and 95 lbs. 170 Felt ok though.
Clean and Jerk 185x2x4. Went 8 for 8 in about 10 mins. Gave myself 60 seconds from bar drop to coming back for the next set. This is to prepare for the chance I may follow myself. If I can do a double 90 seconds after I finished a double, I can handle a competition miss
F Sq 185×2,195,205,215x1x3. – Trying to keep the CNS fresh so I stuck to singles.


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