10/20 Sick Day

Was a bit sick today. Headed to the gym after I started to feel better. Dickheaad ex-tenant struck again with another bonehead email. One solid way to fuck up a good training session.

Wanted a bit of volume at lower weight.
145x2x2, 150x1x4 (went 3 for 4)
Lots of pain in the forearms. I need to work the shoulder mobility. It’s holding me back at this point.

Clean n Jerk
185, 195, 205, 210 PR. While I’ve done more, this was the first time I did a full clean instead of a power clean. Felt ok considering. 100kg should be doable by competition time.

F Sq – 185×3, 195x3x3

Tenants email came at this point, which ruined any will I had to finish strong.

Chin ups 5×3

Back ext 5lb x 10 x 3



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