11/15 Lifting on mars

The gym was buzzing today. Made it hard to concentrate on the skill lifts. I should be used to distraction by now but garage lifting has made me a bit sensitive lately. Snatches were slow and unstable overhead. I had to go chasing a few off the platform. Even had on crush a gym bag which was laying around.
I can feel the eyes on me. What do they think? I don’t talk. Didn’t smile much today, just putting in work. I’m convinced most people in my gym would laugh at the numbers in putting up. They are nothing to write on the board. I don’t know how I’m processing that fact. Do I care? Why do I care? Why do I notice? Right now it’s the journey that I’m most proud of. That I’m working hard and hopefully getting better each day.
Snatch 170x1x3. Missed two. Sloppy.
2Cn+2Jk 190x1x3. A few cleans were grinders.
F Sq 185×3,195x3x3. Belt busted loose in the hole on two sets. One I even finished, which I was proud of.
Back work – GHD w/8lbsx8x5
SN Sots – 5×5, worked up to 75 lbs!!


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