Near term goals. Crushing gym targets seems like a good place to start.

  1. Be consistent for as long as possible. Squat daily. Push the snatches at least twice a week.
  2. 85/105. That would put me at a body weight snatch and two wheels on the clean and jerk. This is possible by the next meet if I stay healthy.
  3.  Get the name on the board. For that, I’d like to be in the 100kg snatch range. At 85kg, this is a good place to say “I’m a weightlifter”. Keeping the 80% ratio, this means a 125kg C&J. Using my “3 rep rule”, that means I need to front squat 275lbs…275lbs is a 30% PR for my 1RM! I’m guessing that’s a 40% increase overall. This is probably a 12-month goal, but one I know I can hit.

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