Master the Squat Series

I’d like to give a shout out to Kit Laughlin and his excellent Master the Squat and Hip Mobility Series on Vimeo. I’m not sure exactly how I heard of Kit, but I believe I was looking for some Cossack squat tutorials/exercises when I stumbled on an instructional video he posted on YouTube.

Who was this mild-mannered gent sinking into deep squats and why haven’t I seen this before? It didn’t take long for me to absorb all of what he was putting out, which led me to the Series on Vimeo. For just $10, you get an hour or so of different movements designed to help you achieve a respectable (and pain-free) deep squat. Some of the movements are advanced, but there is something for every skill level. I’ve been messing around with the movements for around two months now and I can honestly say I’m starting to see improvement. But I’m also coming to the sad realization that I’m trying to undo 30 years of terrible movement and mobility patterns, so reversing that ship will take a while.


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