Ido Portal’s 30/30 Squat Challenge

While attending Ido Portal’s movement workshop this year in Seattle, I was called out by Odelia (one of Ido’s disciples) as the “guy who can’t squat”. It’s not so much that I can’t squat, it was that I couldn’t sit ass to grass for more than a minute at a time. This isn’t unusual in our Western world and I suspect most people I know can’t either. Some of the tips given to me during that workshop to help the positioning are included in this video, which Ido released to supplement his 30/30 challenge.  Head over to his Facebook page for more info. The challenge is based on the premise that the best way to improve your squat is by simply squatting…Every. Chance. You. Can. His adaptation model requires sitting for 30 minutes a day for 30 straight days. And it should result in massive improvements sitting in a squat (not to mention hip function and mobility). Thankfully, he released this video which will help some people who can’t even get in to the starting position. While I haven’t committed to 30 minutes a day (somewhat impractical, unless I could take off my pants at work), I have committed to doing this when I can and for at least 5-10 mins a day. And definitely before and after my gym time. I won’t apologize for spending so little time in a squat. Ido flows through life in short shorts with his shirt off.  For the rest of us…do what you can, when you can. Commit and you will see change!

The routine in the video goes like this:

1. Knee push x 10-20 reps per side

2. Hold knee out x 10-30 sec per side

3. Sky reaches x 10-30 reps per side (extend range if possible)

4. Static pause x 10-30 sec per side

5. Buddha prayer x 10-30 reps (extend range using fist)

6. Squat bows x 10-30 reps (extend range)

7. Squat bow pause for 10-30 secs

The good news is if you’re doing all this, you’re probably down there for 10 mins. My warm-up routine is similar and varies depending on how I’m feeling. I will outline it in a future post and hopefully document how much better my ATG squat has gotten. I’m over 5 mins without much issue, so it doesn’t take a huge effort to affect change.


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