Overhead Squat Position – Bottom Up

I’ve been following CrossFit Seattle’s Moveskill.com page and stumbled on the ‘bottom up’ method of teaching the overhead squat position. I have to say I love the approach.  I’m working on a longer piece about addressing all of the possible mobility shortcomings for the OHS, but as for feeling what the receiving position of a snatch should feel like, it is the best tool I’ve come across.  The only thing I disagree with in the video is that the primary limiting factor is ankle dorsiflexion. If it truly was the limiting factor in getting into a solid overhead squat position, you’d see almost a complete correction with the use of Olympic lifting shoes. What I see when someone uses oly shoes is an improvement in torso/hip positioning. This will help with the shoulder positioning but it only goes so far. I believe that a strength imbalance of internal/medial rotation to external rotation of the shoulder is a larger culprit. I am working with some of the athletes at my gym to see if I can help reverse DB Shoulder Syndrome.

Regardless of whatever ends up being the limiting factor, this drill will help improve the proprioception (or body awareness) of the lifter.


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